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THE 2022 WINTER BASKETBALL registration is closed!

2022 basketball schedule is final. practices are resuming january 3, 2022!
see uploaded schedule below 



2022 basketball season updates!

  1. SEASON START UPDATE: The PG County Boys and Girls Club Leadership is planning to start the season Jan 29th or Feb 5th.  So there will be a season as of now!

  2. CAMP SPRINGS TIGER PRACTICE UPDATE: Currently we are authorized to access school facilities for practice starting January 3rd.  Gym schedules will be available NLT Jan 2nd.  However, the January practice start dates will be dependent on PG County and PG County Public School guidelines.

Please continue to have a fun and safe Holiday Week, and Stay Tuned!!

4909 Brinkley Rd.
Camp Springs, MD 20748

james ryder randall elementary SCHOOL
5410 kirby Rd.
Clinton, MD 20735

benjamin stoddert middle SCHOOL
2501 olson st.
marlow heights, MD 20748

avalon elementary benjamin SCHOOL
7302 webster ln.
fort washington, MD 20744

IMPORTANT mandatory covid-19 protocol guidelines starting january 3, 2022

Important Note:  In order to ensure safety and compliance, Coaches, Teams, Players, and Parents will be asked to leave the gym or possibly have their players excluded from rosters for non-compliance..  We have to be diligent in keeping our community safe and we need your cooperation!  We trust that our parents and coaches will support the protocols and help us remain safe.

PARENTS: Please seriously consider how you can help with #8.  We need your support to make this work.  Your participation could be the deciding factor on whether your young athlete has a team entered to play this season.

Here are a few Requirements that MUST be enforced by Coaches, who are Gym Managers by default, and Parents must also be in compliance: COPY AND PASTE THESE FOR YOUR REFERENCE!

1. Strict enforcement on mask wearing. If the players need a breather during practice, there should be periods of exposed nose only. The mouth should remain covered at all times. When the nose is exposed we need to ensure proper distancing. Planned breather minutes are recommended.

2. Closed Practices: Only one parent per child is allowed in practice. Strict mask enforcement for parents. No additional kids are allowed in the gym. Only players that are practicing with their team are allowed in the gym.

3. All practices will be single team practices. We will not schedule shared court practices.

4. Coaches need to ensure parents understand that they need to constantly monitor their child for Covid-19 systems and do not allow them to practice even if the symptoms are mild.

5. Parents must be made aware that if there has been close contact with a positive Covid-19 case, the player must immediately quarantine and get tested no earlier than the 5th day after close contact. If the test results are negative, then the player can return to practice on the 8th day following the close contact date. If the player does not undergo testing, they can return to practice on the 11th day if they are not experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms.

6. In the case of a positive Covid-19 test, players must quarantine up to 14 days after the close contact date, and must produce proof of a negative test result before they can return to practice. Also, when a positive case is reported and the player has practiced with the team, the entire team and coaching staff must follow the timeline stated above in #5.

7. There MUST be an attendance sheet created for every practice. This is the Coaches responsibility to manage. This list must include contact info for all Coaches, Players, and Parents in the gym. This is an absolute Covid-19 Protocol requirement. Failure to do this can implicate the organization for contact tracing negligence. These lists must be maintained by the coaching staff and emailed to the mailbox NLT Sunday of every week.

8. ALL teams MUST have an assigned Team Admin in order for us to keep the team registered at Camp Springs. No Exceptions! Coaches will be required to submit Team Admin names and contact info (email and phone) by Sunday, Jan 9th. Assistant Coaches can serve as Team Admins, as long as they understand they must be committed to team admin responsibilities.

Please email the mailbox if you have any questions. Thank you!



Upon entering any P.G. County School for any reason, Masks are required to be worn by student-athletes, parents, and staff for the duration of practices and games.

Parents,we appreciate your compliance with this PGCPS mandate.

Important 2022 Basketball Season and Registration Message

 2022 Winter Basketball & pee wee 

Open Gym Start:  November 4, 2021
Team Practice Start:  Mid November 2021
Location:  Thurgood Marshall Middle or James Ryder Randall Elementary 
Time:  6:00PM - 9:00PM (Open Gym Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays)
Ages: 5-14 are welcomed!
Season Start:  Second Week of January 2022

 Registration info

Cost: $175 
Payments: We offer a "Two Easy Payments" Plan
Initial Payment Due: November 20,2021 or at Practice Start after this date 
Final Payment Due: December 15, 2021 (End of the "Two Easy Pay" Plan)

We're in The Focused Team Practice Phase

The practice season has moved from Open Gym to focused team practices. Parents need to check the website often to ensure they are aware of practice schedules. Also ask your coach about additional training availability.


info on basketball gyms


The CSBGC Tigers will be practicing at a number of gyms to create space and adequate practice time for each of our basketball teams. Set practice locations will vary based on standard practice schedules. 


Thurgood Marshall Middle 4909 Brinkley Rd., Camp Springs, MD
Benjamin Stoddert Middle 2501 Olson St., Marlow Heights MD
James Ryder Randall Elementary 5410 Kirby Rd., #1421, Clinton, MD
Avalon Elementary 7302 Webster Ln., Fort Washington, MD
Crossland High - Home Basketball Gym 6901 Temple Hill Rd, Camp Springs, MD